Estate Sale held in a home from 1935 .

2627 Chamberlain St. Close to Farley Ave. 

Saturday Sept 19th 9am-3pm

Sunday Sept 20th 11am- 3pm 

For this sale we will start a sign up at 7:00am . Once signed up you can leave until sale starts at 9:00am. This list  creates an order in which people have arrived, waited  and in order to enter the sale. 

once signed up you can leave until sale starts or wait in your car.

If you arrive earlier than the sign up you may want to bring a fold up chair to wait. Please social distance for your protection.  Due to Covid precautions we can only allow 10 people in the sale at one time. We will encourage people to find what they came for and not browse too much during this time so all have a chance.  you are required to where a mask on the premises and in the sale. 

Parking is very limited. Be prepared to walk. For the sale we will have a curb side pick up so you can drive up and pick up purchases! 

A step back into time memorbilia from 1910- 1960's  vintage movie and home decor   magazines,  scrapbooks, kitchenwares, costume jewelry , vintage fabrics and clothing, military clothing with patches, i vintage holiday, vintage clocks, typewriters, postcards, Fiesta ware collection, ceramic arts studio, vintage enameled gas stove, salt and pepper collection, paper collectibles, old crates and boxes, Peavy Amps standard solid state amp. Peavy sound system 1-15 cabinets working,  and sounds system, Science fiction magazines, paperpacks, vintage childrens books, pens, pins, vintage locks ,  Most items will be sold in lot boxes so we can expedite the sale . So much fun for you !  

Full listing and photos can be seen on and ( links on our home page.)  


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