With over 35-years in antiques, collectibles and fine furnishings, Deborah Straub is more than qualified to give you accurate appraisals and conduct a successful sale. She is known throughout the estate and moving sale business for her integrity, fairness and ability to get the job done with the least amount of confusion.


The one term that keeps popping up from Deborah's satisfied clients is that "she's a real pro who knows how to make any sale a success."


Obviously, Deborah can't do the job alone. She is backed up by a qualified staff of hard-working employees who are friendly, knowledgeable and completely focused on you - the client. Their one goal is to provide you with a trouble-free, successful and profitable sale.



Antique & Personal Property Appraisals

Vintage Harvest performs appraisals at an hourly fee for antiques and personal property.  Appraisals are typically requested for:

  • Fair market values for estate tax forms 

  • Family distribution

  • Deborah Straub, has passed her exam for Uniform Standard of  Appraisal Practice through ASA.  All appraisals are confidential.


Vintage Harvest has no interest  in the purchase of any items appraised. We do not purchase estates nor do we have a store.  We sell strictly on consignment.


Estate and Moving Tag Sales

The following is our typical estate sale process:


1.  Vintage Harvest will  first meet with the client/s at the sale site.  The consultation will provide an estimate of values for a few items along with a gross estimate of what the sale may realize. 


2.  Deborah, the sale manager, will do a walk through and discuss the sale procedures.  If all terms are agreeable, a sale contract will be presented to clarify the terms of the  sale. We do not purchase estates. 

3.   Set up of a sale usually takes 1-2 weeks. This may vary based on the size of the sale.  Our sales are usually conducted over a 2 day period.  For extra large sales, 3 days or 2 weekends may be required.  We provide all the supplies needed to set up the sale.  An experienced, hard working staff will assist with the set up the sale and we also provide an experienced security staff for the days of the sale.  Each item is carefully priced (using tags), professionally displayed and items over $50 are inventoried.


4.  Advertising is placed on popular sites and a local paper for shoppers.  We have an  extensive email list for customers.  Photos of the items are used.


 5.  A private sale may be provided upon request for family members prior to the public sale. 


6.  Areas used for the sale are  left broom clean  upon completion of the sale.  Unsold items are disposed of at clients direction or may be donated to charity.


7.  Prompt payment will be sent to the client within 2 weeks after the sale with copy of receipts and sales summary.



Our fees are based on the gross proceeds. We work on a commission basis.  The commission includes set up, pricing, advertising, staffing, supplies and leaving the sale areas broom clean. 


Extra costs not included in the commission:

  • As we set up the sale, we sort items, clean and organize as part of the commission.    If  the sale has an area such as  a shed, basement or garage that has more non-salable items then saleable ,  a reasonable fee may be applied to clean out those areas. The fee for the clean up of areas such as described is  quoted at the consultation.  

  • Dumpster and Appliance Fees

  • If the sale needs to be moved to an alternative site for reasons such as apartment or condo restrictions, undesirable or hard to reach location or a quick house closing.  All moving costs and facility rental (if applied) would be billed and subtracted from the proceeds. Sometimes we can combine sales at another location to avoid renting a facility.

  • Not all sale companies are alike. We invite you to visit one of our sales to see how we  present and conduct our sales.


We do all the work and handle all of the details for you.

Vintage Harvest is fully insured and bonded.. 


We accept Cash, checks  and Credit Cards  at our sales.


Areas we serve are Dane, Jefferson, Columbia counties.

Other counties are considered for sales of importance or

 consisting of certain value. 

* New Service offered as an alternative.

In the event that the client does not have enough

for us to conduct a sale, Vintage Harvest offers a service

to assist in pricing and consult for the client

to hold their own sale. 

An hourly fee  is charged. 

If there are items of importance but not enough for a sale, we may recommend consigning to our online auction service.  

Here are some facts about our service:

  • We specialize in antiques, collectibles and fine decorative.  A minimum of $1oo.00 per item  value is required for us to sell on line. Some collections considered. 

  • Clients will be able to view their items listed  on-line.

  • This concept was developed to keep up with a need of our customers.  The most important factor in the business of selling antiques and collectibles is knowing what you are selling; know your merchandise and the best way to market it. 

  • We have established a world-renowned site that people continuously come to and revisit to look for more of the unique and quality offerings we have to sell.

  • Deborah Straub is a licensed Auctioneer with the state of Wisconsin. 1407-52

  • The subsidiary  is Whippoorwillcall online auctions.  The platform used to sell items online is Live Auctioneers. An international online auction service specializing in antiques, art and collectibles. 

We keep a portfolio with  hundreds of letters and cards from our past clients of over 30 years of conducting quality estate and moving sales.  Our clients and myself prefer to keep their privacy from online publication  but will bring this portfolio to our consultations. Here is a just a few. We also have referrals from past clients , trust officers and estate attorneys. 

"I just wanted to thank you for all you did for the family with the estate sale.Your run an excellent operation and we were lucky to have you. Next time in Wisconsin Ill check to see if you have any going on" Brett

"I was very pleased with the way the items were displayed. Prices were fair and were very happy with the turn out." The smooth running of the sale is also very commendable" Pat Z. 

"We heard may positive comments" Laura S.

" Deb and Associates" Great Job! -Well Done!" Dave E. 

"Very good job" I am very pleased with your company and the results" Jeff H

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